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... And we're back!

... And still making masks, because we still need them.  I was hoping in January 2021 I would be able to turn my attention away from masks and back towards teaching sewing, but the pandemic rages on, and the need for masks has not yet waned.  

I'm reopening the website anyway, to remind myself of my goals, for this new year.
Writing about them here will help to keep me accountable, I think. 
So here goes:

Yup, I want to transfer my knowledge from my head into videos.  For obvious reasons, I can't give private lessons from my home studio.  However, there are now even more sewing beginners than before!  I tried giving remote lessons via video, but I can't clearly see what people are doing at their end, so that wasn't a success.  YouTube may be my best option for now.

I'd also like to find a convenient way to offer my help one-on-one, and generate an income somehow.  That's a problem I'm still trying to solve.  Perhaps something like Patreon?  We'll see!

So 2021 will be bringing YouTube videos and tutorials, written tutorials on the website in the form of blog posts (to make them easy to search through by topic), and a way for you to get one-on-one sewing help.  
For now, you can buy my nerdy fandom masks.  ;)