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RIP The Artist, died 2018 from Exposure

DMC dmcxstitchcontest exposuredoesntpaythebills

May 1, 2018: DMC has edited the Instagram posts about the contest to now include a $500 prize. In an email to Craft Industry Alliance, Alex Holbrook, the director of public relations, stated that the company is reviewing how artists are linked on the company website and, although it has been in the pipleline for a while, correcting this issue will now become a priority.

Artists spoke up and DMC listened.  Maybe this collection of #dmcxtitchcontest entries made them rethink their non-payment policy:
Whatever the reason, I'm glad they're doing something about it... I just read that artists, whose works would be chosen as winners, would lose ownership of their patterns (that they weren't paid for) and would not be allowed to sell them or create kits to sell with them.  Heck, no, that's very uncool.


On April 11, @dmc_embroidery on Instagram posted a contest where they call for cross stitch artists to design a pattern and subit it to them.  They will choose 5 winners and turn them into free designs on their website.  You can read about it here:

and here: 

They don't credit the artists or compensate them in any way, but they will profit from these patterns as they use them to promote their floss, and by selling kits of the pattern with their floss.  
Many artists in the cross stitch community are deeply bothered by this, as it promotes the practice of asking for free work in exchange for "exposure" or "followers on social media".  As we all know, #exposuredoesntpaythebills.
Many loyal customers of DMC have decided to stop buying their products until DMC changes their practice.  Atelier Fiber Arts feels very strongly about artists being properly compensated for their work, so until further notice, we will not be selling DMC floss.  

We will be looking for a new source of embroidery floss.  In the meantime, there is a wonderful resourse on the internet that has conversion charts for embroidery thread and floss to help you find alternate brands that match which ever colour of DMC floss you project calls for:

Thank-you to all of you who have joined the #exposuredoesntpaythepills movement to support the artistic community.

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