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Fractured Images

Since starting my business, I have met some really talented and fun fiber artists.  I met my quilty friend Yanicka in January of 2017.  (Feels like longer ago, actually.)
Yanicka is a graphic designer by day and a quilter in every spare moment when not at work.  She created a new quilting technique called Fractured Image, which is like a marriage between Appliqué and Foundation Paper Piecing, but is quicker and easier to do than either of them!

Elijah the Elephant Fractured Image by Yanicka Hachez Look at This Face Cat Fractured Image by Yanicka Hachez Baby dragon fractured image by Yanicka Hachez

What are Fractured Images?

It looks similar to paper piecing, but you trace the pattern pieces right side up (not inverted) and work from the top side of your fabric.  She recommends printing the pattern pieces on freezer paper.  If you have never used freezer paper before for quilting, I may have to write a blog post about it, but only if you promise not to be upset that you did not know about this wonderous product before now. 

In brief though, freezer paper is like a cross between wax paper and parchement paper, but it's only waxy on one side, and it's translucent, making it super handy if you want to fussy cut your fabric.  It's miraculous stuff.  You can print your pattern on the non-waxy side, then place it on top of the right side of your fabric.. AND THEN IRON IT TO THE FABRIC!  The stuff sticks to fabric but peels up easily when done cutting out your fabric... and then get this: YOU CAN REUSE IT!!!  I have successfully re-ironed it around 5 times, before it stops sticking perfectly. Maaaaagic!!!

Tracing the Fractured Images Pieces onto Freezer Paper

Anyway, you print or trace your pattern onto the freezer paper, cut it out, iron it to the right side of your fabric, and depending on the instructions, you add a 1/4" seam allowance.  Thing is, you don't sew your pieces of fabric together!  This is where the similarities to appliqué enters the picture.  Those seam allowances are meant to overlap the neigbouring pieces of the fractured image and glued, using washable school glue. 

Fractured Image Technique - cutting the fabric Glueing the pieces - Fractured Image Technique by Yanicka Hachez 

You with me so far?  Because that's it! That's all you do!  Once all the pieces are glued together, you can zig jag or satin stitch over all the joints of fabric.

L:ink to Free Heart Shaped Fractured Image Pattern from Yanicka Hachez

You take your finished fractured image, lay it on your quilt top (whole cloth, or pieced, whatever you fancy), and stitch it down.  

It is that easy.  Like so easy that you will feel like your are back in elementary school, when life was uncomplicated and you did lots of arts and crafts.  You can graduate to one of Yanicka's larger patterns with more pieces, or shrink them down to teeny tiny size and challenge yourself to use up some of your tiniest fabric scraps.

If you want to turn one of her Fractured Images into English Paper Piecing, you can ingore the instructions that say to add a 1/4" ledge to specific sides and add your 1/4" seam allowance to all sides of your pattern piece so you can wrap the fabric all around.  You can trace the pattern pieces onto card stock, if you like the paper to be more ridged.

Heart Fractured Image Free pattern and tutorial by Yanicka Hachez


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