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I Found This Crocheted 2" Lace Doily In My Sewing Box

Did your sewing machine come with a little red, or white, or beige disk of felt? 

Red and white felt spool pin padsThose are spool pin felt pads, designed to be used with upright thread supports.  They help your spool of thread spin smoothly, and to quickly stop your spool from spinning, when you stop sewing.  Some spools of thread have large center holes.  One of these felt pads will help stabilize the spool.  They also protect your machine from friction and scratching that can be caused by a spinning spool of thread.

  Vintage Sewing Machine with spool pin doily
Older machines, like the vintage sewing machine in the above picture, has a clear coat to protect the finish and painted decals.  Protecting the intricate decoration on a new sewing machine from scratching is probably how these cute 2" flowers were born, and 'm going to guess that these handmade crocheted doilies came before the felt pad, but more research is required! 
Anyway, the felt pad does the job just fine, but I like the handmade doilies better, personally, just because they are pretty.
My favourite doily (and yes, just like fabric, and thread, and machines, I also have a collection of doilies) is this black and gold one, because it matches with most of my vintage Singer sewing machines.  

Black and gold spool pin doily

While doing some research on the origin of doilies (I didn't find much!) I came across this pattern, (a free PDF dowloadable pattern on The Singer Featherweight Shop).  It is super adorable, and would be an awesome scrap-busting project.  

The Singer Featherweight Shop dresden spool pin plate

If you have fun and interesting spool pin stories you wish to share, or a story about the history of these dainty doilies, please go ahead and leave us readers a comment below!

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  • C. Marie on

    I have been looking for a pattern to make a ruffled spoolpin doily. I found some doilies like this on the Singer Featherweight Shop’s website for sale, but I want to learn how to do it myself. I’m not great at crocheting, buy I have a friend to help me. Thank you.

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