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  • The Big Box of Cotton Thread Atelier Fiber Arts
  • The Big Box of Cotton Thread Atelier Fiber Arts
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The Big Box of Cotton Thread

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Presencia lint-free, mercerized, 3-ply, 100% cotton, long-staple Egyptian thread from Spain with a satiny shine to them.  Top stitch anything with these, like bags and quilts.   
These random assorted boxes of around 50 spools weigh nearly a kilo each, and contain a mixture of 40wt, 50wt and 60wt thread in 100 meter, 400 meter and 500 meter spools.  100 meter spools retail for $2 each and the 500m spools retail for $6 each.  
Assuming you were only getting fifty 100m spools, that would a retail value of $100.
The average ratio of thread in these boxes is 20 large and 30 small, which would retail for around $180.

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GRAB BAGS - a secret assortment of hardware and zippers worth over $60 retail if sold separately!
GIFT CERTIFICATES for a bag-making friend, or for a gift to you from a loved one. Just send them a link as a hint. lol

Oh hey, by the way, thanks for visiting my little shop today! <3

The Big Box of Cotton Thread Atelier Fiber Arts The Big Box of Cotton Thread Atelier Fiber Arts

Customer Reviews

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Caitlin Buck

I love everything about this shipment. The box was PACKED to the gills with amazing thread. There are a variety of colours, which is just what I wanted. It was on sale (woot!) The box was packaged with old dress patterns as the tissue paper which is adorable and econfriendly, and most importantly the thread well exceeds my expectations. My experience with cotton thread is that it breaks easily, is dull, and the tails get very curly and difficult to work with. This thread is none of those things! It's strong, it has a bit of a sheen to it, the tails act very much like polyester thread tails, and it's thicker than my usual cotton thread so it makes a beautiful topstitch.

Kelly Denneny
Great deal on this big box of thread!

These threads arrived just in time to top stitch a bag in progress. They are gorgeous colours and great quality.

Nicole Singh
Love the variety

I haven't used the thread yet but it feels amazing and I love how many different colours I got!

Gaylene M
Best new find!

Love lol be love the big box of thread snd zipper tape I bought. Massive amount of beautiful thread! And the service is second to none!