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Size 3 Closed-end Zippers

Prix régulier $1.00

For bags, pouches, clothes.

Nylon, easy to cut to length.

12 inches long / 30cm.

Zippers are named for the closest Kona quilting cotton solid colour that matches, but colours may look different in real life from what they look like on cellphone screens and computer monitors. 
Here is a description of each colour to help visualize what they look like in person:

Espresso - a very dark brown, like a café mocha

Earth - a pale milk chocolate brown

Curry - a light yellow brown. It would also match Kona Mustard 1240 and 

School Bus - a bright orange that would also match with the new Kona Nacho Cheese colour code (Kona has some very amusing names!)

Clementine - a pale bright orange.  Would also match with Kona Orange 1265, and Persimmon 84

Flame - a bright fire-engine red that would also match with the new Kona Chili colour code 1838

Poppy - like the flower, and would also match with Kona Lipstick 1194

Ruby - on the Kona colour chart, Ruby is a dark red that has a hint of brown in it. It would also pair well with Kona Cayenne 355 and Kona Brick 1042.

Pomegranate - a vibrant pinkish red

Geranium - a pinkish purple that is somewhere between fuchsia and magenta

Bright Periwinkle - a purplish blue

Hibiscus - a dark plum purple

Indigo - a dark blue that is almost black.  A little darker than Kona Navy 1243

Regal - a purplish blue

Storm - a touch lighter than a navy blue, it would match with Kona Navy 1243

Cadet - similar to a pair of blue jeans and slightly darker than Kona Denim 1452

Blue Jay - a medium blue with a faint hint of purple

Iron - a light blue-grey

Metal - a slightly bluish-grey, or a steel blue

Gotham Grey - a very dark grey almost black and the colour of Batman's outfit.

Black - its... black... and black matches everything.  Except Navy because I think that's a faux-pas, just like pink is supposed to clash with red, and you're not supposed to wear white after Labour Day.

O.D. Green - Olive Dark Green, or maybe that's supposed to be Olive Drab Green?  It's a greyish olive green which would be great with a camo print.