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Hello, my name is Amanda and I am the owner of Atelier Fiber Arts.  


Here's a little story about me and my masks:

I'm a seamstress with 25 years of experience, who also suffers from chronic rhinitis and allergies to just about every airborne particle, including the pollen of the maple tree. Being Canadian, this makes me shake my fists and ask the Universe "Why you gotta do me like that?!".
My masks are designed with me in mind, and maybe you recognize a bit of yourself, too (without the maple allergy, hopefully). Friends with asthma find my masks very breathable. Friends with glasses appreciate the soft metal strip that goes from cheek to cheek, giving the mask a very good fit. The elastics I have chosen to use are soft and don't pull on the back of your ears, making them stick out. If you want to change out the elastic for strings that you can tie around your head, I've thought of that too. The elastics are in casings. Cut them, tie your string to the elastic and pull out the elastic and pass the string through the casing at the same time!
If you want to add a third layer of protection, I have included a filter pocket in the design.
And if you like a good-looking, reusable item that is built to last, I have included that too.
If you have a special request, don't be shy to ask, many requests are easy for me to accommodate. And if it's not, well, we can at least say we tried!
Je suis bilingue, donc n'hesitez pas de me contacter en français. ;)