The Origin Story

Atelier Fiber Arts was established in 2016 as a brick & mortar maker-space teaching beginner sewing workshops. In 2018 everything was moved to my in-home sewing studio. In 2020, life was put on hold, and I spent pandemic days sewing masks.

In 2021, Atelier Fiber Arts started carrying products again, and I'm particularly happy to offer the most matte black bag hardware, probably in the whole world!

My TAT is quick. I ship out orders within 2 business days, and ship from Montreal to all of Canada and the US, UK, Australia, NZ, Japan and a few other countries.


About me: 

I have been sewing for 27 years now, and I've sewn just about everything. I have a passion and preference for bag and wallet making, with a side order of quilting.  

Before creating a full-time sewing related business, I spent 15 years in a career in Supply Chain Management.  Before that, I studied web and graphic design.  All roads led to what I'm doing now. 😁

The best band of all time is Depeche Mode. I love bats, cats, and mostly wear black \m/ \m/. I love eccentric shoes, I paint nature in acrylic on canvas, I have a large collection of beads, and on the rare occasion I dabble with polymer clay. I would love to live in a Yurt or Tiny Home, on a few acres of land in southern Ontario or New Brunswick, but I'll need an airplane-hangar-sized studio for all of my creative outlets, and all of my power tools!  I hate cooking, I can't keep plants alive, and I am starting to feel left behind as technology advances.  (Do I *neeeeeed* to be on Tiktok? 😂)

I have an awesome partner (10 years and going strong) and we have 3 four-legged furbabies.  I am a 1st gen Canadian, of Ashkenazi decent, but am 3% Scandinavian so I like to pretend that I descended from Norse royalty, because that would be badass. And because I have blue eyes, lol. 

Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you!

- Amanda

Amanda in front of a wall of hardware

Bat Coffin Shoulder Bag

A recently bag made as a pattern test for Needle & Anchor Patterns.