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Hello and welcome to my colourful little corner of the planet!

I'm a proud Canadian who grew up in Ontario but currently calls Quebec my home, cela signifie donc que je peux parler les deux langues officielles!  La plupart du temps, je parle les deux à la même fois.  Nous disons que la langue parlé ici est le franglais!
Atelier Fiber Arts owner Amanda Elias

I am the creator of the Quilter's Stash Builder box and a teacher of all things that can be sewn.

In 2015 I had two great ideas:  Either start a monthly sewing themed subscription box, or start a business teaching beginners how to sew.  I was under-employed at the time, and needed to do something on the side.  I chose to teach sewing.  I went to the Quebec government with my idea of opening a little business to give workshops at. They liked the idea enough that they enrolled me in an Entrepreneur program.  In 2017, I opened my small shop called Atelier Fiber Arts, and within a year, I was adding products to my shop so the beginners had a local place to get their supplies.  I was a full-fledged Enabler!  

Dream Big

Through the government program I was paired up with a mentor.  In one of our meetings, she asked me to define my short, medium and long-term goals.  My long-term goal was to have sewing lessons to be accessible and affordable across Canada so that anyone could learn.  I felt that sewing was a skill people needed to have, and that shops like mine would be great to have in communities across the country.  Dream big!

The little shop with the big goals was a very demanding project on both my body and my Work-Life balance.  In the end, Life won out and in July 2018, I had to hastily close my shop in order to have urgent surgery.  (I learned a valuable lesson! Skipping meals was a great way to fill up your gall-bladder with little stones and get it infected.)  It was a good thing too, that I closed when I did, because I ended up needing 2 months to recover! 

I saw this as an opportunity to explore my other great idea of starting a monthly quilt box subscription. I had bolts of quilting cottons, thread and other notions that I brought home from the shop when I closed.  It seems like the stars all aligned for the Quilter's Stash Builder to be born.  Here we are in 2019 - I'm still an Enabler and I still get to teach with the quilt patterns and tutorials I create each month.

Feel free to contact me to say hello. I'm friendly and approachable and love to talk about fabric and quilting, (and pets, and nature, and painting, and woodworking, and delicious food, and travel...) 


Happy Quilting!
- Amanda


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