Collab Over Competition!

(get yer mind outta there. 😂)

I highly recommend checking out these awesome small businesses run by Bad-Ass Boss Babes ! 

I'm always seeking ways to team up and do cool things with other small businesses.  Even though some of us offer the same or similar products, we all have our own unique offerings, too.    So we love to collaborate wherever we can to bring our customers fanta-boo-lous things!   (When there's something brewing, you'll get an email so sign up for the newsletter.  <3  )

Share the Love, there's plenty to go around.  :) 



BRITTALICIOUS DESIGNS - https://brittaliciousdesigns.com/

Logo for Brittalicious DesignsIf you ghouls don't already know who this is - OMG!  Ok so, my discovery of matte black hardware was made when my ghoulfriend Brittney announced that she was carrying 2.5" (60mm) long coffin shaped zipper pulls.  I ordered some, and it was LOVE upon immediate sight!   You outta go join her FB group so you can discover spoopy pulls and......  SPOOKY VINYL! IN CANADA! EEEEEEEEP!  Oh and wait until you see her bat wing wallet pattern!   That's actually what we owe our friendship too, but that's a story for a dedicated blog post maybe.  
Coffin zipper pulls from Brittalicious Designs


GALAXY KUSTOMS - https://www.galaxykustoms.com/

Galaxy Kustoms

Galaxy Kustoms carries glitter, metallic, and pearl vinyl, in bright colours, and more stuff as well, too many to list!

Beautiful and Shiny vinyls at Galaxy Kustoms

Anna is my twin sib from another crib.  We are so much alike!  She lives in Southern Ontario, not too far from my parents, so with any luck, I will be able to live my Tiny House/Yurt dream close to her so we can be nicknamed "The Inseparables".  ;)  She's a vintage car upholsterer and fantastic bag maker.  She's quite talented.  



CHRISWDESIGNS - https://chriswdesigns.com.au/

AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS!  ChrisWDesigns is the Australian Reseller for SerialBagMakers' Matte Black hardware!  
Chris W Designs in Australia

Christine Welsh is a fantastic bag pattern designer.  When she told me she was the exclusive reseller for SerialBagMakers in Australia, and that she was carrying matte black hardware, my eyes grew huge and my jaw fell open.  And a little hint was dropped that there wasn't a Canadian reseller.   So she put me in touch with Anne over at serialbagmakers and less than a week later, I had the goods in hand!  Restocking hardware will be super quick.  :) 
Christine also carries her own brand of woven interfacing called EzeFuse, which you can now buy here in Canada!   It has a glorious amount of glue, and fuses really well.