FLAT RATE shipping to Canadian Provinces $10.95 FLAT RATE shipping to Canadian Territories and Contiguous USA $14.95
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Where do you ship and for how much?

Flat rate shipping to all Canadian Provinces is $10.95
Flat rate shipping to the Canadian Territories is $14.95 
Flat rate shipping to the 48 Contiguous United States and the District of Columbia is $14.95


Are you prices in Canadian or USD?  

We are proudly Canadian and our prices are in CDN.  Great news for Canadians, and possibly even greater news for our neighbours to the south!

Your subscriptions say 2.5 meters.  What size are the cuts of fabric?
That will vary from month to month.  It's less likely that you will get it as 10 fat quarters, but if the pattern / tutorial of the month suits all fat quarters the best, then they will be all fat quarters.  But they could be any of these cuts:
8 fat quarters and 1 half meter
6 fat quarters and 1 full meter
6 fat quarters and 2 half meters
4 fat quarters, 1 half meter and 1 full meter
4 fat quarters, 2 quarter meters and 1 full meter
4 fat quarters and 3 half meters
2 fat quarters, 2 half meters and 1 full meter
... we could list more but you get the idea.  Variety is the spice of life! 
What size are your fat quarters, half meters and full meters in inches?
We use Canadian measurements, and then we round up to the nearest inch.  So, a meter is 39.5 inches, so we round up to 40".  Half meters would therefore be 20 inches, and fat quarters would be 20 inches by half the width of the fabric (generally between 40" and 42" from selvage to selvage, depending on the manufacturer.)
What's in the Quilter's Stash Builder Box?
2.5 meters of coordinating modern quilting cotton, in various sized cuts
3 x 100m and 1 x 500m spools of cotton thread (Presencia brand) to match that month's fabric
10 mini-clips
A pattern or tutorial
A hand-written note
A surprise extra
A raffle ticket
It's over $65 worth in Canadian retail prices.
What fabric am I likely to receive?

Current quilting cottons in vibrant colours in bold combinations. Bright, modern fabrics that we curate especially for the upcoming month's boxes so that we can minimize any repeats.  Fabrics could be from Robert Kaufman, Free Spirit, Art Gallery Fabrics, Tilda, Timeless Treasures, Dear Stella, Andover Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs, P&B Textiles, Stof France... 

What are the subscription details?
Billing: Sign up any time before the 10th of the month to receive the current month.  You will only be billed on the 10th of each following month for as long as you are subscribed.  Boxes are shipped with tracking, by the 15th of the month.
Raffle Ticket:  There's a raffle ticket in every QSB box.  Every month, a number will be drawn and the winner will get an extra surprise in their next box!  

Anniversary Gift: Monthly box subscribers will get a surprise every 12th month paid for (skipped month's don't count in the 12 months). 

Free and unlimited downloads of patterns: All patterns and tutorials created by Atelier Fiber Arts are free to download.  They are forever accessible in your account.
What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime.  You are in control of your subscription.  You can even skip a month, if needed. 

How to figure out which month's box you will get if you cancel or skip: 
- If you cancel your monthly subscription or request to skip a box before the current month's billing (ie before the 10th), you will not get the current month's box.  
- If you cancel/request a skip on the 10th, or after the billing, packing of your box and printing of your shipping label, your cancellation will take effect for the following montly subscription box.  I *will* try to accomodate you as much as possible though!  If you need to skip or cancel on the 10th (and within 3 business days after the 10th), and I have not purchased your shipping label yet,  please email me ASAP!  If we can catch it on time, I can refund the current month's box.