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Zipper End, 5 per pack

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Metal Zipper Ends! No need to sew fabric zipper tabs when using these pretties.
Use on one or both ends of your zipper. They are also perfect to finish the end of cords.


Installation: Trim the zipper tails and cut off the metal stop at the end of the zipper. Then fold each side of the zipper tape to the back. Slide it into the metal zipper end to make sure it fits well.  Pull it out and get the screw started a bit.  You can add a dab of glue inside that adheres to metal and fabric, such as Gutermann HT2, or E-6000.  Refold the sides to the back of the zipper tape, and slide it back in, tightening the screws in all the way. 

Zipper End, 5 per packZipper End, 5 per pack

Spooktacular Matte Black Hardware

We're only selling Matte Black until they make something darker. ;)

I'm only buying Matte Black until you sell something darker