Full roll of Decovil Light 525, order by midnight Oct 31 and get it around the middle of November.

Want to buy a full roll of Decovil Light 525?

I'm placing an order on November 2nd, for a full roll of Decovil Light for the shop - want to order a full roll and have it hitch a ride to Canada with mine?
It's the 35" (90cm) wide stuff and works out to be only $20cdn per meter.
I'll take care of the shipping costs to me, the duties and taxes and then the shipping to you. Order here by midnight on Hallowe'en!


Greetings Ghouls!

Welcome to the Darkest Bag Supplies in Canada. This cave leads to devilishly good things!
TAT is usually within 1-2 days, and I dance the Mamushka with every order I receive. Each order also gets a useful little gift as my way of saying Thanks. <3 Stay Spooky!

About Amanda and AFA

Matte Black Hardware

It's like the Little Black Dress of hardware - it goes with everything.
It's the perfect hardware for your coffins, skulls, tombstone and bat-wing shaped bags!

Get Goth Glamour for your baG

Zippers & Pulls

Gravestone Grey, Bone White, Six Feet Under, Sanguine, Vampire Red, Neon Green and Hot Pink! Lots of colours in #5 nylon zipper tape with matte black teeth. We have 13 different styles matte black zipper pulls, in #5, as well. We also have some zipper and pulls in size #3!

Visit the Vault of Zippers and Pulls
Full roll of Decovil Light 525, order by midnight Oct 31 and get it around the middle of November.

Interfacing & Stabilizer

To get your bags and wallets to the level of hardness you prefer, start with a good stiffener!
I carry Decovil Light - 35" wide, Decovil Heavy - 17" wide, EzeFuse woven interfacing 44" wide, SF101 20" wide, and also Flex Foam and Peltex.

Stock up on Stiffeners

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Facing History Org

There are so many good causes out there, trying to make the world a better place.
I donate to FacingHistory.org, because of their Values:

We stand up.
We create space for each other.
We act with empathy and kindness.
We listen first and listen actively.
We are curious.

If you would also like to donate to Facing History,
please visit: https://give.facinghistory.org/about-us/giving

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