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Gift Certificates

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Step 1.  Select your amount
Step 2.  Add to cart
Step 3.  Receive an email with a link to your electronic gift card.
Step 4.  Send it to your recipient
Step 5.  Recipient comes to do a little shopping
Step 6.  Recipient receives wrapped box of goodies !

Want to receive a gift card?  Send a link to this page to a loved one!  ;)

You can semi-customize the amount you want to give by adding different denominations to your cart.  Example:  $75 can be 3 x $25, or one $25 and one $50.  

Gift certificates never expire and you don't have to use them all up in one go, but you can only use one at a time and no other discount codes will work.  The way gift certificates work is they are issued to the Purchaser as a unique discount code that the gift recipient uses when checking out. The Check Out system can only accept one discount code per order.  So, if you have received more than one gift certificate, you can put in multiple orders and I will combine them for you, refunding the extra shipping charges.

Gift Certificates - Atelier Fiber Arts