Matte Black Hardware

It's a deep, dark, black. It goes with everything. It's the perfect hardware for your coffins, skulls, tombstone and batwing-shaped bags!

The Complete Collection of Goth Bling

Zippers & Pulls

#5 nylon zipper tape in different colours, all with black teeth to match our #5 matte black zipper pulls.
#3 nylon zippers 12" long with a closed end. Easy to cut to size and available in many colours.

The Zipper Sanctum

Firm Bags and Wallets

To get your bags and wallets to the level of hardness you prefer, start with a good stiffener.

The Stiffeners
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The Origin Story.

Atelier Fiber Arts
 was established in 2016 as a brick & mortar maker-space teaching beginner sewing workshops. In 2018 everything was moved to my in-home sewing studio. In 2020, life was put on hold, and I spent pandemic days sewing masks.

Now in 2021, Atelier Fiber Arts carries products again, and I'm particularly excited to offer matte black bag hardware, and awesome interfacing.

Stick around, there are more cool things coming!
I ship out quickly within 1-2 business days, across North America.

(Pictured: me looking at my wall of glorious matte black hardware. If you want to see what I'm so happily looking at, have a look at the Bag Hardware section!)

Les descriptions des produits seront bientôt toutes traduites en français. - c'est juste tellement long à faire. ;)

Sewing Lessons

This is a question I get asked a lot: Will I offer sewing lessons again?

The Answer Lies Here
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Buy Now, Pay Later

You can check out with Sezzle! Sezzle divides your order into 4 equal payments, every 2 weeks. It's interest free, too.

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We act with empathy and kindness.
We listen first and listen actively.
We are curious.

Facing History seeks to combat racism and prejudices by helping educators teach students about equity and justice. The Spanish philosopher George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

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