Greetings Ghouls!

Welcome to Atelier Fiber Arts, the largest collection of matte black bag making supplies in one place!

From Montreal, QC to a tiny town outside of Fredericton, NB. Big City Girl is now Rural Town Girl!

Thank you for sticking by me while I moved to the lovely Canadian Maritimes!

Matte Black Hardware

It's like the Little Black Dress of hardware - it goes with everything.
We have over 100 different items in matte black: almost 60 different #5 zippers, more than 40 #5 pulls, and bag hardware in multiple sizes. We have the perfect hardware for your elegant bags and wallets, and your goth-alt aesthetic, too.


We can't resist an opportunity to give a gift. At the end of each month or more often at random, we will be doing a drawing and giving away either a sweet discount code, a free shipping code, or bundle of products. Each package shipped out will receive a ticket with a number. Doesn't matter if you lose it, we know who you are, we have it all recorded. ;) Tickets carry over from month to month and are only removed from the jar if it is a winner!
Good Luck!

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We create space for each other.
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We listen first and listen actively.
We are curious."

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