Politique de remboursement

Refund Policy


Discount codes are applied to products only and not on the shipping fee.
Please remember to apply your discount codes before checking out and finalizing your order because discounts can not be processed on your orders after the fact. 


If your parcel arrives damaged on the outside, and items inside are damaged as well, please notify me immediately - within 2 weekdays of delivery. If you contact me after 2 business days (week days) it will be too late for me to file an insurance claim with the shipping company, and I will therefore not be able to provide you with a refund or replacement. 
To assist me in filing the claim, please provide photos of the shipping label showing all details including the tracking number, and damages to the packaging and product.  Once I have submitted the claim, I will refund or replace the damaged items in your order (depends on stock availability).

Please check your order, and especially the hardware, within 10 days of receiving them for any defects that make the product unusable.
Examples of what would be a defect:
- The product is unusable for its intended purpose because of broken hinges, screws not working or missing, parts that glued shut during the coating process.
- Unsightly imperfections on the finish that will be visible when the piece is installed, like deep scratches where the silver base metal is visible, spots that aren't black, or an area of rough texture. 
Examples of what would not be a defect:
- A spot of uneven coating up to 3mm in size, on a visible area of the product, where the spot is black (no loss of colour).  Uneven coating can appear shinier than the rest of the piece, or looks like it has texture, or has a tiny bump of about 1mm in size.
- A blemish that is on inconspicuous areas of the hardware such as a bar that will be covered by a strap, or the backside of the hardware that sits against the material of your project.

During the coating stage of production, the piece of hardware needs to be held up on a tiny post, on a rack that has 100 tiny posts.  They are usually held in areas that will be the least visible when installed on your project, like an inside corner, but blemishes in the coating can occur there, and anywhere else. Dipping or spraying coating is not a 100% perfect, 100% of the time.  That's the downside of having sexy matte black hardware.
I inspect my products to the best of my ability before packing them.  To inspect, I pick up the item in my hands, look at it for several seconds, and then flip it over to look at the the other edges.  If you think I have missed something, reach out to me to let me know.

If we agree that an item you received is defective, full or partial refunds (depending on situation when discussed) will be offered.  Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping and the micro size of my business, I can not afford to send out replacements, unless it can ship with a future order you plan on placing. 

- I may require your order number when you contact me, to verify the product came from my shop.
- Refunds will be applied to the original method of payment. Please be aware that it can take a few days for the payment system to process the refund.
- This policy strives to protect both of us, so that you can continue to buy the darkest bag supplies with complete confidence, and so that my business can stick around for a while, providing you the darkest bag supplies! 


Buying a one-of-a-kind handmade item, from a small artisan as opposed to a mass-produced item at a big box store, should mean that you are getting a good quality item that will last you a solid amount of time with regular use.  I have full confidence in the construction of my handmade items, and I guarantee them to be strong and durable for everyday use, over several years. 
It's still a handmade item though, made with a lot of time and care, so please treat it with the same care.  Overloading it, or carrying sharp objects in it can damage it, and is beyond what the item was designed for. 
However, failure of hardware, blown out seams, or the premature wearing out of the textile components, should not happen with normal use.  If such damages occur, please contact me asap so we can assess and decide on whether it's worth sending back for repairs, or if a new one should be made.  If handles or straps wear out too quickly (like within a couple months of regular use), new ones can be made and shipped to you.  Every situation is different, so click that Chat icon (bottom left of page) and let's discuss!   Be rest assured that in many situations, repairs or replacements, and shipping fees, will not be at your expense.  Those are included in my guarantee to you that you bought a good quality item.
If you accidentally damage your item (a strap got caught on something and broke, or a large tear happened, for example) please do not hesitate to contact me.  It may be able to be repaired at a very minimal cost, and give you several more years of enjoyment, or the still-good parts could be harvested and used to make you a whole new item!