Politique d'expédition

Packages ship out of New Brunswick, to all across Canada, and the United States
We have been expanding the list of countries we ship to.  As of October 2022, we've shipped to Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Japan, and Israel.   If you would like us to add your country to the list, send us an email (hello@atelierfiberarts.com) - we will look into the export rules and what we need to do to ship to you.  :) 

TAT (Turn Around Time): Order processing time is generally 2-3 business days, but could take a day or two longer during sales as the volume of order increases.  

SHIPPING RATES:  Actual cost as calculated by Canada Post to outside of North America 
FLAT RATE:  $15 flat rate across Canada, and $13USD to the rest of North America.

Regarding shipping price when combining orders:  Our flat rate shipping ($15 CDN for Canada, $13 USD for USA) will only apply to your first order.  If you place more than one order, the orders can be combined, but shipping will be the actual shipping as calculated by Canada Post.  Any overages will be refunded. 
For example:  You are in Canada and you place two orders, paying the $15 flat rate on each order.  Combined, the two orders come to $18 for shipping. You will be refunded $12, not $15.  If your two orders combined comes to $24 for Canada Post and they both fit in a small Flat Rate box for $21.50, you will be refunded $8.50.  If they don't fit in a flat rate box and comes to $24 for shipping, you will be refunded $6.